The Electric Advantage

Quick, Safe, and Economical Commuting

Human or electric? A combination of both? E-bikes give you the power of choice! All of Revolution E Bikes ride just like regular bikes, with the choice of adding electric power.

Affordable Transportation

It costs less than a penny/mile to ride an electric bike or moped. That equates to 1,500+ miles for the same cost as 1 gallon of gas. Remember, electric bikes do not require costly licensing, insurance, special registration, or the high maintenance cost of gas powered vehicles. Choose to ride and save.

Safe and Easy to Operate

Electric bikes and scooters are both safe and easy to operate. Features such as automatic power cut-off and electrical safety components are built into all quality bikes.

Go Green

Human power or electric - both are clean energy sources. It is your environment and you can help reduce noise in addition to contributing to a greener world by choosing electric power to enhance your ride.

Extend your riding range

With the added benefit of power assistance, you'll be able to ride much further and faster than you would on most regular bikes. This makes E-bikes a great choice for commuting, running errands, or extended recreational riding.


Get out and ride with the freedom of knowing there is help available when needed. Reintroduce riding into your routine or punch beyond your comfort zone! E-bikes allow you to increase stamina and general health with confidence.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Remember how much fun riding use to be? Many of us traded 2 wheels for 4 wheels, leaving our 2 wheels behind. Although you never forget how to ride a bike, sometimes it can be daunting to get back out there and keep up with the kids.