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Revolution E - Electric Bike Store is Houston's premiere source for the sales, service, and rentals of electric bikes, currently the hottest, hippest mode of transportation. Pedego Classic Cruisers from California, the Stromer Swiss engineered hi-performance bike, trendsetting Hero Eco, EZ Pedaler and Prodecotech are all part of our great selection of E-bikes.

Other specialty products include E-bike conversion kits and e-powered Trikke carving vehicles. Our folding selection includes Velomini , A2B, and EJoe folding bikes. Yuba Cargo Bikes make a great electric bike ‘station wagon’, good for hauling small children and trips to the store. Not into bikes? We also sell electric Jetson Mopeds. Need a helmet? We, also have an awesome selection of accessories to go with your ride!

Find us at 14655 Northwest Fwy #102 Houston, the place is entirely dedicated to E-bikes. Economical, sporty, lithium-powered E-bikes reach speeds of 20 mph with a range of 15-50 miles per charge. E-bikes use human or electric power, or a combination of both, to get you where you want to go without the need for license or registration. No fuss - just ride!

"People from all walks of life are embracing the advantages offered by E-bikes. With higher gas prices and the heightened concern about the environment, E-bikes are an increasingly attractive, affordable, and viable option for many Americans."

E-bikes offer a safe, quick way of commuting, with an extra boost of electrical power that provides a safe means of negotiating in traffic, aid with head winds, or simply providing a swear-free ride to work. E-bikes are remarkably affordable. An E-bike can travel 1,500 miles for the same cost as a gallon of gas, costing less than a penny/mile to ride.

"Whether you use human power or electric power, E-bikes are a perfect earth-friendly method of transportation. Health-wise, you can push past your comfort zone while extending your riding distance. But if you need that extra boost, it's nice knowing it's there for you with an E-bike... especially in Houston."